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Paralyzed Kitten Is Determined To Enjoy Life Like Other Cats And Nothing Stops Her

A little, paralyzed kitten was brought to the veterinarian last month by a caretaker at a wild cat colony in Tucson, Arizona, for a checkup and to begin treatment.

The sweet cat was tragically left with paralysis of her back legs after being struck by a car as she attempted to cross the street.

The Pima Animal Care Center made the decision to take her in and secured a temporary foster volunteer to take care of the little cat’s unique requirements.


The kitten, Giselle, was always peaceful in spite of everything, as if she knew she was in excellent hands and just wanted to live. When Danielle, the owner of With Grace (in Las Vegas), learned that Giselle required a foster home with more expertise, she made the decision to assist the cat.

Leanne M., a SWATT Rescue volunteer, flew Giselle from Tucson to Las Vegas earlier this month so she could meet her new foster home.


“What can be accomplished when a great number of people come together to save a life is simply incredible. I could tell Giselle was unique the moment I first saw her. I melted when she gave me that stare with those enormous eyes.

After giving her place a thorough inspection, Giselle relaxed into her new home. Despite being handicapped, she had a unique gait.

The cat rapidly demonstrated her prowess at chasing toys and moving about the room with ease on her front paws.


Danielle continued:

She is the calmest kitten I believe I have ever raised. She is a tiny angel who sometimes gets carried away. You can’t help but fall in love with her.

Even though Giselle has a physical disability and weighs barely a pound and a half, she manages to lead a normal life. The kitten has no physical issues and is motivated to live a fulfilling life by doing everything other cats do.


Danielle remarked:

“She is unaware of her uniqueness from other cats. She is presently training her how to climb on furniture using ramps so that she won’t feel left out and will be able to travel anywhere she pleases.”

Every time she gets the chance, the cat insisted on taking a seat by herself on the sofa and cuddling up next to her foster mother. He may often be spotted playing with other cats or just hanging out about the home when she isn’t cuddling with him.


As Danielle said:

“She recognizes that people need space and time to reach out to her, and she gives them that. She is distinctive, and it is wonderful to observe her individuality.

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