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Kitten With Unique Markings Insists On Being The Center Of Attention After Being Saved

Wrenn Rescues, an animal rescue organization in southern California, was approached a few weeks ago to assist a litter of kittens who urgently need treatment. They were filthy, in bad shape, and have a number of health issues.

They were taken into the house of Ashley Kelley, a volunteer at the shelter, who cared for them round-the-clock. The kitten was given the moniker “Auntie Whispers” because of its distinctive patterns, which resembled the Rorschach test.

When she first came, she was extremely young and unwell, but she was determined to succeed. Through supportive care and tube feeding over a few days, Auntie strengthened and put on weight.

She eats, then resumes her snooze without giving it a second thought.


The kitten, who is still very young, has a wonderful personality and always wants attention. She is pretty comical and occasionally enjoys waving her tiny legs in the air as though attempting to grab something.

Auntie Whispers does not like being by herself and always seeks out other kittens to play with. She also needs regular attention from her caregiver.


Lorna, Auntie Whispers’ sister, and her share an extremely special relationship. They play, argue, and eventually reconcile while taking a nap quite close together. In the meantime, Lorna carefully bathes her sister.

With the help of her son Chris and another Wrenn Rescues volunteer, Erin, the foster care of these young children was taken over.

She adds up:

“We constructed them a suite, complete with beds and toilets, and a sizable play area.”


The girls first had no idea what toys were or what they were for, but they soon realized their value and began to investigate everything together.

Added Erin

These two are now always paired up. They are still getting into slap fights, which is entertaining to watch. They are expanding and evolving at such a rapid pace.


Adorable For a cat her age, Auntie Whispers is rather little; Ella’s sister Lorna Ella has adopted the role of her elder sister and looks after her constantly wherever they go.

Erin claims:

Auntie Whispers is as little as a princess, whereas Lorna is the brash sort.

The daring cat is said to be large enough to climb the cat tree, which Lorna obviously does not agree with very much. Around the post of the cat tree, the two sisters can be seen engaging in playful slap battles with each other.

The volunteer who was looking after the little kittens added:

“The sisters like playing together. They are both the small ones cuddling and purring when the game is ended. Undoubtedly, Lorna is Auntie Whispers’ mother. She cleans her cheeks and ears while giving her a hug.”


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