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Kittens With Sweet Smiles Seek Everyone’s Attention And Wait For The Home Of Their Dreams

From a cat colony in a Nashville, Tennessee, neighborhood, two orange kittens were saved. All the cats had to be rescued by Kiki, a Nashville Cat Rescue volunteer, and a helpful neighbor.

Zip and Zap were two kittens that got along well. They first appeared a little uneasy as a result of the changes and their new surroundings, but as soon as they were spayed and neutered and given the opportunity to live comfortably indoors, they recognized they were secure.

The adorable boys let out their loving personalities, purred joyfully, and enjoyed the pleasures of their new home when they felt secure.


“They cannot be separated. They were drawn to one another even when there were other cats around to play with. They were obviously the best of friends both when I tried to apprehend them (at the cat colony) and even when they were residing here.”


They developed relationships with humans and other rescued kittens as the days went on, but you almost ever saw them apart. Zip was undoubtedly happy with her brother standing close to her whereas Zap preferred smothering or laying on top of her sister.

Kiki says:

Their favorite pastime is snuggling up to one another. They probably like being indoors and being able to unwind without having to worry about staying warm, avoiding danger, or finding their next food.


As content as indoor cats, Zip and Zap are always grinning. These boys are more than ready to discover the house of their dreams after three months in foster care. They deserve to be adopted by and raised by a loving family.

Zip likes to be petted too much; anytime she gets the chance, she shoves her face into people’s hands. When Zap sees this, he quickly imitates Zip and participates in the pampering.


Zap is a chatty kid who enjoys toys, being lifted up, and receiving forehead kisses. He will also give you kisses on the nose. Zip, on the other hand, is a kind and obedient youngster who clamors for attention whenever she has the chance.

Kiki tacked on

“I’m really delighted they let me in so I can assist other kittens. I’m so glad to be a part of their narrative.”


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