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Cat That Suffered An Accident Recovers Quickly Thanks To A Small Plaster Cast

In Palm City, Florida, an abandoned orange cat named Davey was found nearly dead on the side of a road. He was able to receive the attention he need promptly thanks to the assistance of a nice individual who took him to the nonprofit group Caring Fields Felines.

The center’s director, Pauline Glover, said that she was unable to refuse. According to Boredpanda, Davey was then transferred to Savanna Animal Hospital in Jensen Beach, Florida.

He was in such bad shape that an X-ray was taken right away, which showed that one of his cervical vertebrae was shattered and needed to be put in a cast.

After a few weeks, Davey has evolved in a positive way, he is getting stronger.

After the cast is taken off, he will begin his physical therapy before locating a family that will provide him with all the love he requires.

Davey spends the day with the veterinarian who is responsible for watching over him, and at night a veterinary technician is in charge of transporting him home.

A close bond has grown between Davey and Oakley, a three-year-old dog owned by the veterinarian, during his time at the rescue facility.

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