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A Feisty Homeless Cat Who Was Pregnant And Unable To Walk Slowly Recovers From Her Troubles Caring For Her Babies

Mansfield, Texas, was home to a pregnant orange cat who was living on the streets and pleading for assistance since she was unable to walk and had to crawl to safety.

When Susan Edstrom, the center’s founder, learned about the kitten, she made the decision to assist her. Four Paws One Heart is an animal rescue facility in Trophy Club, Texas.

Without second thought, they scooped up the helpless kitten and took her to multiple vets where she had various tests and had x-rays taken to determine the state of her health.

Facebook/ Four Paws One Heart

The cat has a strong will to survive. One pellet was found to be trapped in the spine’s region T9. To prevent additional harm, it was generally agreed upon to leave it alone. When touched, her paws responded with feeling.

Additionally, they made an even more unexpected discovery when an X-ray showed that the cat was pregnant.

After being sent to a foster home for rehabilitation, the kitten called Chelsea showed to be quite tough and resilient over the following few weeks.

Facebook/ Four Paws One Heart

Chelsea tried to utilize her legs and crawled every day to exercise as her carer worked on her back legs.

Cathy said:

She was attempting to use the litter box for elderly cats that we bought. Finally, videos of her standing up, stumbling, and falling surfaced, but she persisted.

The determined kitten eventually stood up on her own two legs and took her first steps, moving slowly but steadily.

Facebook/ Four Paws One Heart

After a few days, he began using the litter box, and while it was moving somewhat, he used his back legs to scratch the tops of his ears. To everyone’s amazement, Chelsea gave birth to five lovely, healthy infants on March 31 in the comfort of her brand-new house.

Everything appeared to suggest that the cat was ready for this situation and was able to care for her needy, new babies.

Facebook/ Four Paws One Heart

Chelsea proved to be a special, amazing, and attentive mother; she listened to all of her children’s demands and wishes, and she also closely watched them as they developed in a healthy way.

All of her kittens were soon available for adoption, and all but one of them—the gorgeous Georgie Boy, who is a miniature replica of Chelsea but has a different personality—quickly found a forever home. During this time, they kept each other company while waiting for their final homes to be discovered.

Facebook/ Four Paws One Heart

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