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This Strong-Willed Kitty With A Zest For Life Is Determined To Do Anything Just Like Any Other Cat His Age

Earlier this year, two pregnant wild cats were plucked from the streets and taken to Columbus, Ohio’s FosterBabyCats rescue facility. The group’s founder, Jillian, took them in and provided a secure location for the pregnant cats to give birth and rear their young.

A few days later, one of the cats gave birth to a small Bean kitten that weighed just 75 grams. A second kitten called Burrito was born three days later. The joyful cats eagerly devoured their mother. Jillian soon became aware of something peculiar about Bean’s body: he was shorter than his sibling and had twisted legs.

Facebook/ FosterBabyCats

“I’m trying to give him the greatest opportunity to fight,” you said.

After seeing a few veterinarians, Bean was given the prognosis of likely osteochondrodystrophy, a condition of the bones and cartilage, as well as possibly hydrocephalus. Bean continues to have a full life despite all of his health issues. He was mimicking his brother’s steps in an effort to keep up with him as he burrito.

Facebook/ FosterBabyCats

Jillian looks after the child and keeps track of every improvement in his health so that she may provide him with care that ensures a higher quality of life. She is also assisting the feline with physical therapy exercises to strengthen his limbs and increase movement.

Jillian posted on Facebook as follows:

“Bean will require checkups every 2-4 weeks until it is known what is happening or whether surgery is necessary to intervene. In the interim, I’ll continue to stretch and assist him in strengthening his legs.

Facebook/ FosterBabyCats

During physical treatment, Bean’s brother Burrito has emerged as his greatest ally, and he always strives to keep pace with him to inspire Bean to mimic him.

Jillian tacked on

Bean doesn’t always want to come to me, but he often enjoys going along on the ride with his brother.

Facebook/ FosterBabyCats

Bean gradually alters his stride and now walks with agility. The independent cat likes to cuddle with his sibling to rest after an exercise.

Facebook/ FosterBabyCats

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