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Kitten Who Was Begging For Help Finds A New Friend To Spend The Rest Of Her Life With

The pair of kittens were rescued on the side of the road when they were four weeks old. The cute cat pleaded for attention constantly after losing her tiny sibling. The other was clutching to his brother as though to comfort his brother, who was in a severe condition.

Penny Richards

Foster parent Penny Richards from Arlington, Virginia, said:

She remained at her brother’s side ever after they were discovered, as if sensing his pain and desire for solace.

Penny Richards

Despite the rescuers’ best efforts, the sibling of the pair of kittens did not survive, therefore the smaller kitten was left an only kid. The kittens received all the medical care they need. She has since battled for her life and outshone everyone with her courage.

After she lost her sibling, I gave her the Hawaiian name Koa, which means bravery or a warrior.

Penny Richards

During the first few weeks Koa lived with his foster home, he was constantly requesting attention. She was bursting with enthusiasm and wanted to make friends with every fuzzy creature Penny was watching over.

She was found to be totally healthy after the veterinarian’s examination; she enjoyed running around and being petted by everyone.

“Even while I was playing, I was on my legs, moving my small legs up and down. He would dash outside to follow someone before sprinting back and jumping onto my lap.

Penny Richards

Being the smallest of the bunch didn’t stop this naughty cat from demonstrating her abilities and acting like a superb leader in new environments.

“Once we placed her in the foster room with the larger kittens, she shown her fierce side and, in spite of her little stature, quickly became ward boss.”

Penny Richards

Despite the fact that Koa was always playing with the other kittens, her foster parents were aware that she need a companion for mischief who was a buddy of a similar size.

This cat didn’t find the ideal buddy until three weeks after being saved. While Penny’s husband and his coworkers were at a construction site, they saved a cat that had fallen into a sewer.

“My husband and his coworkers disassembled the drain in order to get access and catch the kitty.

My husband brought it to me at work so I could take care of it and bring it home after they carefully packed it,” Penny added.

Penny Richards

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