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Man Collects Scrap For The Past 27 Years To Feed Stray Kittens

For dozens of stray kittens, an 80-year-old man has emerged as their primary source of affection. Even though he has little money for his own costs, this man goes out determined to acquire the cats’ daily food. His main goal is to make sure the cats have a substantial amount of food and water every day.

Willie Ortez

To earn additional cash to provide for the cats’ essential requirements, the man gathers scrap. The last three decades of Willie Ortez’s life have been devoted to feeding the stray cats in his neighborhood in Hartford, Connecticut.

a good-hearted individual with no justifications and a strong desire to assist animals in need.

Willie Ortez

In addition to feeding the cats, Willie also tends to their basic medical needs. To assist reduce the number of stray cats in his region, he ensures that every kitten is spayed and neutered.

The man’s calling was inspired by seeing how a local turned away a starving kitten as it begged for nourishment.

“He was being pushed around, and I could tell he needed assistance. Willie remarked, “I know these cats can’t comprehend me, but I have to do something.

Willie Ortez

He has since made it a point to assist as many kittens as he can. Despite his advanced age, he still goes out every day to gather scrap metal to sell. He uses the proceeds to buy supplies for the people he considers his unwavering friends.

At the end of the day, Willie returns to the area, checks on them, and feeds them cat crackers and sardines.

Willie Ortez

Kathleen Schlentz saw the amazing job that this kind man performs and decided to start a GoFundMe account. As a result of her decision, his work has gained recognition and he now receives support from people all over the world. As Kathleen stated:

“My name is Kathleen Schlentz, and Willie Ortiz is a close friend of mine. Willie, who is 80 years old, searches his hometown of East Hartford and the other villages daily for scrap metal.

He fills his vehicle with his haul, then sells it to buy cat food. We are now paying tribute to his efforts in the Hartford and East Hartford, Connecticut, communities and assisting him in carrying out his objective.

Willie Ortez

Regardless of the weather, this devoted protector of the furry ones constantly goes out to help them; whether it’s rain, snow, a bad sun, or high winds, he is there for them.

Without a doubt, it is that helping hand that provides them with their daily bread and gives them a sense of importance and affection.

Willie Ortez

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