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Two Abandoned Kittens Huddle Around Their Little Sister To Protect Her

The most tangible evidence that animals may teach humans valuable lessons in cooperation, virtue, and kindness came in the form of two abandoned kitten brothers. They were discovered snuggling her little sister to keep her safe.

It’s sometimes remarkable to see the empathy that certain animals may have for one another.

This was shown by the touching tale shared by Megan Sorbara, the president of the Florida-based Naples Cat Alliance, who was her route to grab ice cream on a sweltering summer day when she got a message about four kittens in need of assistance.

Megan Sorbara

The three kittens were certainly something to be adored, Megan observed upon her arrival.

The white kitten was shaking and her two brothers were trying to sooth her while the two tabby kittens cuddled protectively around their sister.

Megan Sorbara

The white kitten appeared to have a very noticeable head tilt that created balance issues, so Megan transported the kittens to the shelter where they could be handled more readily.

He had a very robust appetite, though, and could roll anywhere he pleased.

Little girl was aware that her elder brothers spoiled, cared for, and guarded her.

Megan Sorbara

The small white sibling was given the name Coconut, while the tabby kittens were given the names Praline and Pistachio.

In addition to leading the search for the mother of the abandoned kittens, Megan took it upon herself to bottle-feed the little cats.

Megan Sorbara

However, despite efforts, the mother who ran away has yet to be located.

Fortunately, Megan’s dog Bitsy, who has enthusiastically taken on the role of a surrogate mother for the kittens, has joined them.

He immediately recovered from the hurt caused by not having his mother around, from whom they should have food and protection.

Megan Sorbara

Bit Coconut, on the other hand, has improved her health and is learning to stand a little straighter; Bitsy is in charge of supporting and caring for her during this process.

Megan Sorbara

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