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Broken Teeth, An Injured Eye And His Harsh Past, They Couldn’t Avoid Love At First Sight

With his little broken teeth, scratched eye, and tragic background, the poor kitten had no idea that love and a happy existence were even somewhat conceivable for him.

A 6-year-old orange tabby kitten was brought to the Minnesota Animal Humane Society after spending the most of his life on the streets.

Unfortunately, it was covered with the agonizing signs that some animals’ abandoned lives leave behind. He also showed a positive FIV test result (feline immunodeficiency virus).

Animal Humane Society

They gave him the name Bruce Willis and were shocked to discover at the shelter that despite everything he had gone through, he was still able to give and accept love, expressing his love with deep purrs.

They started looking for the devoted home that Bruce so well deserved. He began his humming engine every time someone came to see him at the shelter and hoped that was the day.

Animal Humane Society

Sandra discovered Bruce on the shelter’s Facebook page on August 8, International Cat Day, and instantly fell in love. She was overcome with emotion when she viewed the portrait of herself.

Since her landlord forbids dogs, she made the decision to go see him “simply to observe.” The adorable red-haired kid gazed at her with such sorrowful eyes as soon as she walked up to her cage at the shelter.

That day, a broken-hearted Sandra returned home. She hoped that soon a decent family would adopt him, but she couldn’t help checking the internet daily to see whether he had been found.

She went to see him after learning he had an upper respiratory illness and returned frequently as he recovered.

Animal Humane Society

Bruce still hadn’t found a place to live after a month. Sandra had a strong gut feeling that he was intended to be hers.

She did all in her power to persuade her landlord to waive the “no pets” policy for her flat.

Animal Humane Society

How can you say no to such eyes, Sandra asked her landlord in a photo of Bruce. She was able to take him home thanks to that authorization.

Bruce finally realized his ambition. He stretched out his paws and laid down on the floor of his new home in a moment, purring as though he knew he would be there forever.

Animal Humane Society

The entire night, it didn’t stop purring. She has followed Sandra everywhere she goes ever since that day.

Bruce needed a few days to adjust to all that was new and to comprehend that he was no longer need to forage for food or fend for himself.

Animal Humane Society

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