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He Goes Heartbroken To A Shelter To Adopt A Kitten And Comes Out With His Lost Kitty In His Arms

An extremely depressed man visited a shelter with the intention of adopting another cat to mend his shattered heart. But he never anticipated that he would leave the house with his wandering cat.

And it is true that occasionally fate uses illogical means to direct us to the appropriate place and individuals. For some people, it appears like life is out to bring them together since, in spite of time, distance, or little chances, the long-awaited reunion eventually takes place.

If a crimson thread runs through the lives of lovers while they are in love, then similar things ought to occur in other kinds of relationships. Living examples of this reality are Theron and his cat Cutie Pie.

This American from Bangor had a period of distress and disappointment a few weeks ago. He does not know why his pet cat Cutie Pie vanished; all he knows is that when he got home, she was gone.

The cat used to go for a few solitary excursions around the neighborhood, but she always came back, which did not happen in this instance and ultimately caused Theron’s heart to shatter.

The man spent days looking for his companion, but no one in the area was able to tip him off. He didn’t give up, though, that Cutie Pie would eventually enter through the glass. But after a few weeks, he gave up.

Although Theron made the decision to seek out another companion, he did not give up hope of seeing his cat once more. This appeared to be a fantastic opportunity to give another cat in need a shot at a home because there are so many abandoned kittens in the shelters.

Theron traveled to the Bangor Humane Society shelter after he had made up his mind to visit the local animals and, if she were lucky, to begin the adoption process.

Everything was going according to plan as Theron and one of his staffers walked around the animal shelter looking for the kitten that would break his heart. They eventually located it.

Theron discovered the shelter where Cutie Pie had been saved without even considering it. He was certain it was his cat because it was there.

The shelter posted on Facebook, “While visiting the kennels, he paused to look at one of our pets a bit more attentively and when the cat turned on him, Theron exploded with excitement.”

Both Theron and the worker at the shelter found it hard to believe. Such a strange coincidence, I tell you! But there were several photos of the man with the flirting Cutie Pie on his phone; there was no question that Theron had discovered his soul mate.

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