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Kitten Found In The Trash Achieves Incredible Transformation Thanks To The Love Of His Foster Mother

A group of university cafeteria employees decided to get in touch with a group of rescuers so they could come and provide the cat all the assistance he required, and as a result, the kitten’s life was entirely transformed.

Ginny TNR

The helpless little animal was saved by Ginny, a TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Return) foster caretaker and rescuer, who arrived on the scene.

“While litter-picking, several cafeteria staff at the local college saw a limping cat. Later, they phoned me because he was still standing still in the trash, according to Ginny.

Ginny TNR

Ginny approached the kitten and saw that it was really just skin and bones, frigid to the touch, and quite withdrawn.

Ginny said, “He was sleeping in the cat cage with his eyes just open and his side just slightly up.”

Ginny TNR

Since then, the woman has exerted every effort to save the small pussy, despite the fact that her circumstances were quite precarious.

“I simply chatted to him while I had him on my lap, wrapped in warm blankets, and there was a heating pad nearby. I believed that even if he didn’t survive, he would have at least experienced warmth and affection.

Ginny TNR

Although the defenseless kitten appeared to be losing the fight, his savior never lost faith in him.

He made the decision to give it a name and all the attention and love it required to succeed.

He had arrived “nearly dead,” so I named him Westley after the character from The Princess Bride in the hopes that he would survive like his namesake.

Ginny TNR

Amazingly, it was. Little Westley started to show signs of progress after a few days of struggling for his life; he started to move his head very softly and purred for the first time. Regarding this, Ginny said:

He gazed at me while raising his head, which he hadn’t done before. I gave her some food since I thought it was warm enough, and she ate it up right away. At that time, I began to feel optimistic that she might survive.

Ginny TNR

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