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Two Kittens Are Born Who Shared The Colors Of Their Beautiful Father With A Bicolor Face

Numerous postings on social media featuring cuddly felines are shared because kittens are gorgeous animals that make us feel emotional.

However, fans fell in love with the pictures of the cuddly pussy cat because of how well distributed the color of the cat’s fur is throughout its face.

Stephanie Jiminez

Stephanie Jiminez is a 34-year-old female cat breeder that works professionally. Nothing makes her happier than being surrounded by adorable motudos. She has always enjoyed cats, and she likes to dedicate her time to it as a permanent occupation.

Stephanie Jiminez

Stephanie has a lovely kitty called Narnia who was born in France and now resides in the United Kingdom.

It is a unique tiny creature in many ways, but what you notice first is that its face is split down the center by two clearly distinct hues.

Stephanie Jiminez

There is no precise reason for the behavior, although chimerism—a genetic abnormality—is virtually always at blame.

In the case of male kittens, this ailment is the existence of an extra X chromosome during the embryonic development stage. The weird thing about Narnia is that the tests entirely ruled it out.

Stephanie Jiminez

Her shocked human said, “A geneticist ran studies and determined that Narnia has just one DNA… It remains a mystery to science.

Stephanie Jiminez

What would happen to her progeny was a concern for her owner. Would all of her offspring be black when she had them? Would they all be gray at birth? Would they carry over his enchanting sky blue eyes and two-toned feature?

Recently resolved mysteries now that Narnia is in the height of its reproductive cycle.

Just last year, he gave birth to two lovely kittens that had his physical qualities.

Stephanie Jiminez

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