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Cat Appears Looking For A Safe Place To Give Birth To Her 8 Puppies

A cat that was flea-covered and pregnant when she came to Oregon Friends of Animals was diagnosed by the staff as having lived a very difficult life on the streets and having given birth to three litters of kittens.

Fortunately, Celeste the cat had come to the proper spot, where the mother would now be at ease and able to give birth in peace.


Volunteer host Angela offered the following insight:

“Before she came to me, Celeste had spent her whole life outside. She had been a cat mom her entire life, even to the point of being ill. While pregnant, she visited the animal shelter.


Celeste gave birth to a sizable brood of kittens only a few days later. Angela made the decision to adopt them so that her mother and the calves could nurture them in a home.

She was initially quite reserved since, having lived her whole life on the streets, many things were unfamiliar to her. Fortunately, she was able to adjust to life as an indoor cat and showed the people who were caring for her her loving side.


In addition to being a very well-cared-for cat, Celeste also showed herself to be a fierce protector of her young, who were living in a cozy house away from the horrors of the streets.

The mother had to provide care for the kittens 24 hours a day; it was demanding job, but she was always kind and attentive.

“Taking care of eight infants was a lot of labor. She was such an amazing and devoted mother to her children, Angela said.


The cat demonstrated superior maternal skills by thoroughly cleaning, tending to, and grooming her kittens. To ensure that all of the young could eat equally, she would lie on her side for whatever long was required.

The enormous litter grew rapidly, and as time went on, they developed into highly playful adventurers.


If Celeste heard them crying, she would immediately go outside and console them by softly licking them. The cat wasn’t able to find any alone time till her little offspring were grown. Comment from Angela

“Celeste was finally able to take some time to unwind and simply be herself—a cat—now that her kittens were more independent.

He enjoys lying in the sun, slowly waking me up in the morning, and clinging to other animals.


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