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Cat Who Has Been In And Out Of The Shelter Is Waiting For A Family That Does Understand Her

A calico cat was surrendered to Hamilton Animal Services in Ontario, Canada when she was between the ages of 3 and 4; since then, her life has been filled with emotional ups and downs.

It appears that her previous owners opted to send her to the shelter because they could not stand the notion of her peeing outside of the litter box. The co-founders of Salty Animal Rescue, Katelyn and Karly Saltarski, greeted her warmly.

Animal Rescue

The cat, Lily, was initially a little reserved; it took her a few days to warm up to people and show them her charming side. The rescue facility said:

She was moved because she used the restroom outside the litter box. Her previous owners speculated that it may be because her other cat had been cruel to her.

Animal Rescue

Lily was adopted a second time after spending just a brief time at the shelter, but after a year she was regrettably returned. This was mentioned by the rescue crew:

“Her adopters believe she would be better suited for a different household because her litter box issue has persisted.

Sadly, this is the main justification for cat relocation. Lily is currently five years old. She deserves the finest permanent home because this is her second move.

Animal Rescue

Lily is a sweet cat who adores having her chin and tummy massaged. Because of how much she enjoys receiving attention, her keepers are working hard to find her a home where she will be the only pet present.

Animal Rescue

She is a lovely cat who wants to live out the rest of her days with a genuine family. She only needs a little patience and understanding, and someone who is ready to work with her to solve her issue with the sandbox.

Lily occasionally displays a calico attitude, but once she feels at ease, she is the nicest fluffy chonk.

She is a typical sleepy home cat that like to spend her time curled up and lying down when she is not busy kneading.

Animal Rescue

This gorgeous cat enjoys being in serene settings and being petted on a soft blanket. She is a purring machine and will not pass up the chance to lie on your legs and receive the demanding attention she so desires for a whole afternoon.

One of his favorite activities is viewing computer footage of birds with his human companions.

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