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Dogs And Cats Become The Comfort And Support Of A Fragile Rescued Kitten

By far, dogs and cats make the finest friends in life. They are like earthly angels that constantly demonstrate their love and allegiance to us and to others they deem to be on an equal footing.

This is one of those tales that serves as a reminder that everything is achievable with the correct guidance, a strong pair of paws, and a lot of love.

Kelsey Minier

Fiona, a kitten who had been saved at just three days old, was the catalyst for everything. She was the size of a little baby kitten and weighed just 82 grams.

She was adopted by Hamilton Humane in Indiana, where volunteer rescue foster Kelsey Minier took her in and started providing her with round-the-clock care.

Although my upper respiratory illness was too little to be treated, Kelsey admitted.

Kelsey Minier

Her position was pretty sensitive, but thankfully Kelsey was always there to take care of her and did all in her could to help her get through it.

He gradually gained strength and was able to maintain his grip on the bottle by himself. Everything was going smoothly until one day when it all changed. Kelsey emphasized:

He stopped eating and began to lose energy. The following day, we took her to the animal hospital.

They examined and X-rayed her, but they were unable to uncover a definitive solution. Due of their stature, they gave us the tiniest amounts of antibiotics to go home.

Kelsey Minier

The day they took the kitten, called Fiona, to the veterinarian, Kelsey remained up all night out of concern that the cat wouldn’t survive.

She was escorted by a little army of fuzzy creatures, who carefully walked behind her and lavished affection on the newest member of the family. The woman said this herself:

“The dogs had joined her, and we had a blanket covering her to keep her warm. We all slept on the couch together and exchanged hugs all night.

Kelsey Minier

Fiona managed to survive throughout the anxious night, despite the fact that Kelsey notes that she was quite frail and had a limp physique.

The feline and canine occupants continued to feed the kitten with syringes while accompanying her; these furry friends provided tiny Fiona with the finest emotional support as she battled valiantly for her life. She soon regained her strength and started drinking from a bottle.

He suddenly became addicted and drank more than he had in the previous two days combined. We weep. We were content,” stated Kelsey.

Kelsey Minier

Tucker, the gray cat, is not often particularly friendly, but Fiona’s bravery and gentleness overcame him and enabled the small kitten to cuddle up next to him.

Tucker often doesn’t want to interact with kittens, but for the time being, he seemed to have accepted her.

Kelsey Minier

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