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This Cat Of More Than 13 Kg Was Left At The Door Of The Shelter Because They Couldn’t With His Appetite

Animals often enter shelters in appalling circumstances, with many suffering from starvation and wounds, but a cat left outside the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) shelter caught the volunteers completely off guard.


A gorgeous, fluffy white furball that had reportedly been abandoned by its former owners came to the shelter in December.

He didn’t exhibit any symptoms of maltreatment, but it was obvious that his previous people were not very attentive to his needs.


Surprised by what they were seeing—a very unusual situation in the area—they made the decision at the shelter to find a nutritionist to put a specialized weight-loss plan in place for Disco.

According to Cody Costra, PR and Content Specialist at HSPPR, “Disco weighed in at over 30 pounds since he was a free eater in his prior home and obviously doesn’t have much self-control.”


The cat appears to have very little self control when it comes to deterring from food, but this big does have a lot of love to give. This youngster was not at all shy or defensive, despite not knowing anybody at the shelter and going days without seeing the humans he lived with.

The volunteers believe that he was able to understand that he was just there for assistance and that no one was intending to harm him; rather, they simply wanted to show him love and protection.


Disco’s old humans had made him a very content kitty, despite the fact that they overindulged in the food they provided.

“The most amiable cat you can imagine is named Disco. He is a huge, adoring insect who has shown kindness to every employee with whom he has come into contact.

They enjoy purring to get your attention, leaning in close to you like pets, and softly blinking their eyes “said Costra.


Even though the kitten has no trauma to recover from, everyone is concerned about his weight, so the shelter placed him with a foster family who would carefully watch his food.

The plan is for our little companion to maintain a healthy weight for a cat of his kind and age. Nobody wants a stunning white cat that could have cardiac issues, far from it.


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