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Kitten Graduates With His Mom With An Honorary Diploma Of Emotional Support

When it came time for Salem to graduate, everyone recognized that the adorable kitty should have his own diploma because he served as Haylee’s primary emotional support throughout her most trying times.

Hailee Weader discovered a kitten on the street a few years ago. Even though the unfortunate baby was only a few weeks old, it was a genuine wonder that he survived due to his precarious health.

When Hailee brought him to the veterinarian, the severity of the situation was confirmed. The pussycat had two broken legs and was quite frail. Although it was not an easy situation, Hailee committed herself to helping him by taking care of him every day, 24 hours a day.

Their efforts were successful, and the adorable cat made a full recovery. Hailee chose to adopt him since she had already developed a very strong bond with him.

At one of her most trying points in life, Hailee encountered the kitten. She was finishing her college nursing degree. Haylee was still able to find the time to care for the cat.

Every day I have to get up early to feed him. If I don’t, he will sit on my head and begin yanking my hair until I get up and give him food,” Hailee added.

After giving him the name Salem, she quickly came to the realization that the cat had actually come to help her.

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