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Woman Takes In A Stray Kitten At Home That Made Her Cringe When She Opened Her Closet

Blanche, a 95-year-old woman, decided to give a cat that showed up in her backyard a second chance, and she has since transformed into a real angel for a stray kitty.

The fuzzy creature was in horrible condition; not only was she filthy, but she also appeared to be a little mass of skin and bones. She was searching for nourishment. She started to leave food and water for the pussycat and inquired as to if any of her neighbors owned her, but nobody came forward to claim her.

Ellen Richter

Ellen Richter, a foster volunteer with Vets for Abandoned Pets, said:

“The woman knew she was not getting help, and the cat had a really poor ear. She was so kind right away.

Ellen Richter

The kitty continued to visit her new buddy regularly as the days went by. In the meantime, Blanche saw that her belly was becoming bigger every day and immediately discovered that she was pregnant.

No one could assist the 95-year-old grandmother at that moment because all the local rescue efforts had already been completed.

Ellen Richter

Blanche made the decision to take action and handle things on her own since she could not stomach the idea of the kittens being born on the streets. She brought the cat inside and set up a tiny area for the animal to give birth. Remarks from Ellen about this

“He tried using a moist cloth to wipe it. Blanche was an elderly woman with a disability who had little movement but wanted to do what was best for the cat. She was aware of Aberdeen’s reliance on her.

Ellen Richter

A few days later, when the woman went into the dressing room, she was very taken aback to see Aberdeen standing there with four puppies. She didn’t think twice before asking her daughter to assist her.

They changed the covers, cleaned up the kittens, fed Aberdeen well, and showered him with hugs and kisses, Ellen added.

Ellen Richter
Ellen Richter

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