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A Homeless Cat Meets Orphaned Kittens And Begins To Care For Them As His Own

Finding a companion is a treasure even for a lonely cat. And it is true that no one loves to be alone in life, and this includes animals. Friendship bonds form between them, as Harrow depicts.

Harrow is a nice autumn cat that has had a difficult life on the streets of Los Angeles, California. He was upset when his former caretaker died and no one else took care of him.

Fortunately, he was saved by Alley Cat Rescue and transferred to their headquarters shelter a little over a year ago. Harrow has solely committed himself to offering love and shelter to other homeless cats like him since then.

Because of its small stature and the color of its hair, the elderly cat resembled a little tiger. He attempted to return to his house several times but was unable to do so and ended up living in the open.

The cat was found with stomatitis, liver difficulties, and possibly chipped teeth, according to the volunteer rescuers. They also discovered that Harrow had never been castrated correctly.

“He had stomatitis, liver problems, and fractured teeth.” “He was an intact male cat who had never been neutered,” Alley Cat Rescue spokespeople stated.

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