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Blind Cat And Her Earless Daughter Are Desperate To Find A Warm Home For Christmas

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On these occasions, compassion and love take over people’s actions as they want to demonstrate the good will with which they have lived this year, and one good approach is to be supportive and companion with those who are not having a good time.

Many of those in need at this time are our animal companions, and we can help them much this Christmas season and in the days ahead.

The blind cat’s name is Rachel, and her daughter’s name is Ross, after the main characters of the popular 1990s television show Friends.

The animal shelter is now attempting to locate a loving home for these pair of kittens before Christmas so that they may spend the holidays in a warm and familiar environment.

Rachel, the blind mother, used to crash with objects in her route, which caused her great terror, driving her away from everyone who came to the garden to feed her and her daughter, Ross.

Residents in the area were concerned about Rachel’s terrible status, so they requested that the RSPCA take control.

“Residents were concerned for the cats’ welfare because they suspected the mother was losing her sight and the daughter had some serious injuries to her ears,” RSPCA manager Louis Horton said.

“Because the neighbors couldn’t capture them, I placed some traps and eventually caught both of them,” the officer continues.

Ross, Rachel’s daughter, had both ears severed owing to skin damage. Fortunately, both kittens are OK; Ross enjoys sleeping next to her mother and Rachel enjoys eating plenty of food; as a result, the shelter prefers a family that accepts both cats without separating them.

“These poor kitties haven’t had it easy, and the mother is nearing the end of her life,” Horton explains. According to the animal center’s physicians, Rachel is 13 years old or older, and as a result, she has entirely lost her sight, whilst Ross is about 5 years old.

As a result, these two particular cats demand a special home with people who understand their requirements.

“They will need to be maintained as indoor cats or, ideally, given outside access to the garden through a secure cage that will keep them safe,” explains Tony Shaw, deputy manager at South Godstone.

To welcome this lovely cat family into your home, please visit the shelter’s website, phone 0300 123 0741, or send an email to [email protected]

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