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Kitten Visits The Grave Of The Person He Loved The Most Every Day

Toldo is a cute kitty that has opted to stay with his owner even after he has left this world. Nothing seems more important to this gorgeous kitten than visiting the burial of the one who made him feel unique in life and with whom he had an amazing relationship.

Renzo rescued the cat when he was just a few weeks old in Montagnana, in northern Italy. Since then, this precious ball of fur has known that he has found someone who would love him absolutely till the day he dies.

Toldo, on the other hand, does not seem to realize his father’s absence, and he has visited the cemetery every day since the burial, giving him modest things that are nothing more than a reminder of his love and commitment.

Toldo collects leaves, branches, twigs, plastic cups, or paper towels in his teeth and leaves in the grave of someone who, even after death, is his favorite person.

The kitty began following the casket from the house to the cemetery after the funeral.

Ada, Renzo’s widow, went to the cemetery with her daughter the next day and found some dry leaves on the grave.

Although Ada assumed it was her husband’s devoted companion who had left the twigs, the daughter found such activities of a cat difficult to accept.

“We went to the cemetery with my daughter and discovered an acacia twig on the tombstone.” I assumed it was the cat at first, but my daughter was certain that I was in a highly emotional condition at the moment.”

It wasn’t until Renzo’s son returned to the cemetery that he saw the devoted cat keeping watch over the tomb.

His ritual has drawn the notice of his neighbors, who observe him every day approaching the cemetery and resting for a few moments on Renzo’s grave. He can even pay him many visits every day, either alone or with Renzo’s widow, Ada.

“I went to the graveyard with Toldo today.” “Someone I know told me on my way back that the cat had already been there this morning,” Ada explained.

For Ada, Renzo’s friendship with the cat was one of those lovely and unusual things that are frequently difficult to believe.

Toldo had been rescued from a wild cat colony, and he followed his owner not only in happy times, but also on those dreary days, soothing him with soft feline cuddles.

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