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Cat Will Not Be Able To Destroy The Christmas Tree Thanks To The “Power Of Tangerines”

A cat may be the ideal companion for anyone searching for a buddy to relax with; nevertheless, it is important to realize that they are more than just a nice and fluffy ball of hair. Some people can be chilly, demanding, very calm, or very naughty.

As a result, many cat owners are seeking for ways to keep their naughty kittens from destroying irreplaceable stuff.

Victor is an extroverted cat who didn’t hesitate to show off his fun attitude from the moment he arrived at his new home.

This lovely ball of fur not only has a distinct personality, but he is also highly gregarious and falls in love almost instantly with anybody with whom he comes into touch.

Despite his exuberant personality, his mother, Olocco, just found that he is frightened of tangerines. In this sense, Olocco stated:

“We were sitting on the couch together when I took a tangerine and began peeling it when it hissed and raced away.”

It didn’t take long for Olocco to realize that his naughty cat is terrified of orange fruits that are quite similar, such as oranges, lemons, or tangerines.

Victor has always been a rebellious cat, especially when it comes to certain goods in the house that he is not allowed to remove or furniture that he is not allowed to play on.

In light of this, Victor’s mother decided to take advantage of his fear.

“I started putting oranges or tangerines on furniture where I didn’t want it to climb,” Olocco explained.

This new weapon couldn’t have come at a better time for Olocco; with Christmas coming, it’s always been a problem to keep the ornaments in place and the tree in excellent shape.

Victor enjoys stealing Christmas sceneries and destroying numerous ornaments and holiday decorations.

Every Christmas, his mother warns him, “don’t damage the Christmas tree,” but the naughty cat ignores the advice and always gets his way.

But this year would be different since he got the brilliant idea to keep his unruly ball of fur away from the Christmas decorations.

“I got tired of telling him he couldn’t touch the decorations. I decided to have a tangerine in the middle of the morning and got the wonderful notion… It worked right away!” Olocco stated.

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