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Kitten Understands That She Can Hive Birth In Peace By Arriving Just In Time At The Home Of A Family

Iris is a kitty who spent her whole pregnancy on the streets of California, but she didn’t dare to give birth since she knew her kids wouldn’t be safe if they didn’t have a home.

A kitten’s life on the streets is not easy. They spend years facing various perils, and there are moments when all they can do is plead for aid and wait for a nice human to save them.

A adorable kitten came to the shelter in critical condition.

He had clearly not eaten adequately for some days, and he appeared quite frail. As if that weren’t enough, the adorable kitty was pregnant and would be a mother in less than a week.

It was critical to act fast in order to save her and the young kittens on their way.

They chose to call her Iris and immediately brought her to the vet; her condition required treatment, but she was strong and would recover quickly with the support of the rescuers.

The most essential thing was for him to locate a temporary home where he could be treated. Angela Su, a volunteer, unlocked the door without hesitation and promised the cat that she would be safe and sound.

“I think she realized she’d be secure with me,” Angela promised.

Angela was preparing for the kittens’ arrival in roughly a week.

Iris, on the other hand, stunned them all by giving birth the same night she arrived at her temporary residence. It was evident that she had finally felt comfortable, and she knew that she would receive assistance from her so that her babies would not go hungry.

“The contractions began a few hours after she arrived. “She gave birth to four perfectly healthy babies,” Angela explained.

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