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Kitten Walks More Than 30 Kilometers In The Hope Of Finding The One He Loves The Most

The intellect of animals is something that will never cease to astonish humans. Kittens are fluffy, adventurous creatures capable of gaining the hearts of many families in order to obtain as many delights as possible.

“When they leave their house, many cats live a double existence. “They’re incredibly crafty,” one netizen observed.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous Cupid’s escapades went too far, and his family was distraught to realize that their pet had gone missing.

Nothing makes animal lovers more anxious than not knowing if their creatures are safe.

India Redman realized her cat was missing in mid-December. Cupid is normally free to roam as he pleases, but he used to return home on time once supper rolled around.

When Cupid did not show for an entire day, India became concerned. That was out of the ordinary. The next day, she went on a search and published multiple posters including his pet’s photograph.

The kitten was quite familiar with the region, so the only plausible explanation was that it had gone too far and couldn’t find its way back.

He hoped that someone had spotted him and supplied information that would help him figure out where he was. It was critical to act quickly so that the lovely Cupid would return.

Some neighbors had spotted Cupid a few days before. They looked everywhere for them, but nothing seemed to work.

Everything appeared to point to his walking farther and further away from home. Ella India received a shocking message a few weeks later.

Someone had recognized her kitty through the network notices. The little animal had gone 38 kilometers and returned to Odstock, Wiltshire.

That was the neighborhood where India and Cupid had lived many years before, but the wily kitten didn’t appear to have forgotten.

“It’s both an amazing and crazy story,” India added.

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