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Kitten With Bear Ears And Crooked Legs Loves To Hug The Family That Was Kind To Her

A kitten with twisted legs was delivered to Friends for Life Rescue Network, a Los Angeles-based rescue organization, in early April.

He was born with constricted ligaments and tendons in both front wrists, resulting in malformed legs.

Mel Lamprey

Rescue host volunteers Mel Lamprey and her husband Zane joined together to aid. The small kitten quickly became a devoted companion and quickly realized her tremendous desire for hugs, for which she sought the attention of her adopted parents.

Mel Lamprey

Quill was named, and she began physical therapy several times a day to help her fix her small legs. Despite her little height, she is a champion in physical therapy.

Mel Lamprey

A heating pad is applied to your wrists. They are then massaged and stretched in the hopes of realigning the developing bones by relaxing the tendons and ligaments.

Mel Lamprey

The kitten will soon be getting weekly splints to help her range of motion. She seems unmoved by the difficulties that arise, and she does not appear to believe that she is any different. Quill likes her adoptive family and is skilled at capturing her attention and lavishing her with cuddles.

You may learn about Quill’s lovely tale by watching this video.

She is inquisitive, kind, and the spoilt kid of her adoptive father. She holds Zane’s heart in her hands, so there’s no way he’ll refuse to adore this precious young kid.

The adorable furball enjoys playing and exploring. She, like other cats, enjoys venturing out, not caring about the constraints imposed by her crooked tiny legs.

Mel Lamprey

Quill takes advantage of every opportunity to cuddle with his foster parents. If she sees them, she cries out to them with her little squeaks and will not accept no for an answer.

The tiny beauty with teddy bear ears spends the most of her time on her adoptive father’s neck, her favorite “bed.”

Mel Lamprey

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