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Persian Cat Gone Blind From Growing Up In A Filthy Cage And Finally Gets The Love He Deserves

Moet is a stunning white Persian cat who barely made it through his first few months of life. He became an evangelist for homeless kittens after becoming blinded by an infectious condition.

The child was born on an illegal farm where the last thing on his mind was the welfare of the animals; most farms are focused on earning a financial profit and do not take into account all of the care that the furry ones require.

Moet began to exhibit all of the signs of cat flu, but no one appeared to care.

Fortunately, the Omani Paws rescuers rescued him and promptly rushed him to the doctor, where they discovered that his health was in critical condition.

The damage to his eyes was irrevocable, and the only option to save him was to remove them totally; the tiny child would be blind, but he would have a chance to live and experience family love.

Moet met the woman who would become his adoptive mother just a few weeks after his operation.

Emily Shotter fell in love with the cuddly little fuzzy and did not hesitate to accept him into her household. Emily was in charge of providing the blind kitten with all of the attention he required.

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