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The Kitten With 4 Ears Finds A Home Where They Do Love Her Without Conditions

A kitten with four ears will flee abandonment to live in the care of a family who is prepared to adopt her. Despite the fact that her illness limited her options, the proper individuals eventually came to embrace Midas.

Canis Dosemeci

All animals, regardless of condition, age, or look, need to be cherished and safeguarded, but regrettably, some people do not fulfill this assumption when adopting a pet.

Canis Dosemeci

Fortunately, Midas arrived at the perfect location; she is a cat with two pairs of ears who moved millions of people when her story circulated on social media.

Canis Dosemeci

Midas, like every other cat, has two regular ears and two tiny ears that protrude out in front.

He was born with an uncommon deformity that was caused by a recessive gene mutation acquired from his parents.

Canis Dosemeci

Canis Dosemeci, a housewife in Turkey, chose to open the doors of her home and her heart to the four-month-old kitten. Midas’s owner made an Instagram account for her after getting her at her home, where she discusses her exploits.

The cat’s social network already has over 54.1 followers who are enthralled by the feline and her furry buddies, and the owner’s objective is to boost adoption awareness.

He hopes that folks who desire a pet would adopt one of the abandoned animals rather than purchasing one.

Canis Dosemeci

Furthermore, he believes that no one should discriminate against homeless animals based on their age, looks, or condition; they all need the same love and protection.

Midas lives with another cat and two dogs, with whom he has formed a wonderful connection since their first meeting.

The Russian Blue kitten likes playing, resting, and hanging out with the family dogs, Suzy, who is 12 years old, and Zeyno, who is 14 years old.

It was discovered that her mother, a stray cat, gave birth to Midas and six other kittens in the garden of Canis’s friend, the woman who adopted her. They also sought a home for Midas’ younger brothers.

Canis Dosemeci

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