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They Take Away The 82-Gram Kitten With The Most Unusual Fur That Survived On A Sidewalk

A kitten weighing only 82 grams and sporting a very unique coat survived on the street, and her future was unexpectedly altered.

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue’s Mellissa brought in a pregnant stray two months ago. The cat’s tummy appeared after only a few weeks in foster care, and she gave birth to a gorgeous litter of kittens.

Mellissa was called later that month about a little cat discovered alone on a pavement. The kitten was quite tiny, weighing only 82 grams. Regardless, she was lively and talkative, having survived on her own for so long.

Mellissa instantly offered to assist, knowing how much a mother’s love can benefit an orphan. When Janie, the kitten, was certified medically healthy, the goal was to bring her to June, the mother cat.

The kitten was born with a “fever coat,” which is an unusual condition, but it can occur when the mother is unwell, has a high temperature, or is stressed during pregnancy.

Janie, as a newborn, required constant feeding and care. At this age, she couldn’t control her body temperature, therefore she was maintained in an incubator after meals.

It would flap its small paws in delight after eating a full tummy. Baby Janie gained 100 grams in just three days.

The small kitty is particularly special and affectionate; learn more about her here:

Mama June’s attention was drawn to Janie’s meow. She saw Mellissa feeding the kitten through a wide window and wanted to help. “She was very desperate for the kid, and she kept sobbing in the incubator,” Mellissa explained.

Janie continued to grow and gain weight over the next three days. Her coat’s patches began to deepen, giving her an interesting coloring. The little fur ball was finally ready to meet her new mom at two weeks old.

Mama June hurried up to her as soon as she heard her squeaks and began scrubbing the baby from head to toe. June welcomed Janie as her own right away.

Mama cat had to lick and clean her for around ten minutes before snuggling up with everyone while June’s pups nursed.

Janie has only ever known being bottle-fed. Although she does not drink her new mother’s milk, she enjoys holding her and other kittens to calm them.

Janie’s eyes opened and she instantly began walking, eager to participate in the fun with her siblings.

Janie enthusiastically headed toward her food source as soon as Mellissa entered the room with a bottle.

Janie is roughly two weeks younger than her foster siblings, but she makes up for it with personality. She found out how to use the litter box on her own and attempted to do everything other kittens did.

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