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Airline Allows Passengers To Travel With Their Dogs In The Main Cabin

Although it is becoming more typical for travellers to be able to carry their puppies everywhere, this does not always occur or in all nations.

Contrarily, it’s uncommon for the majority of eateries, entertainment venues, and means of transportation to truly be totally “pet-friendly,” but animal activists and supporters won’t give up their campaign for more tolerant regulations. the kindest people in the home.

Traveling by aircraft with our dogs, on the other hand, may be a nightmare since you have to leave them behind and you have no way of knowing how they are feeling. It is without a doubt a situation that has the potential to be quite stressful.

The good news is that you can already travel with your pet with several providers. And this may herald the start of a novel mode of transportation as well as pave the way for society to eventually undergo a mental shift. It’s time to acknowledge animal rights!

One of these businesses is the Japanese airline “Japan Airlines,” which offered a special trip on which pet owners could fly with their animals in the main cabin.

It was a flight on a Boeing 737 that was a unique stop on a three-day cross-country journey.

The tour costs around 1,200 euros (about 150,000), and it includes accommodations and rental cars that don’t pose any issues for bringing dogs along with their owners.

Pets typically fly in the cargo hold like an additional piece of baggage. However, the so-called “wan wan jet” permitted guests and their dogs to fly on a charter flight together in the cabin.

The inaugural flight was a domestic aircraft that traveled 1,400 kilometers (1,400 miles) in 2 hours and transported 60 humans and 30 dogs from Narita Airport (near Tokyo) to Kagoshima Prefecture (southwest of Japan).

On this journey, Toshihiko Kai, a 41-year-old corporate employee, traveled with his 4-year-old small dachshund. Regarding his experience, he said:

“My dog often barks, therefore it was quite challenging for me to check him as luggage at airport check-in booths.”

With 60 passengers and 30 dogs on board, the trip sold out entirely within an hour of being on sale.

According to the Japan Pet Products Manufacturers Association’s most recent survey, conducted in 2009, 18% of Japanese homes have a pet. That comes up to nearly 12.3 million dogs, which is much higher than the nation’s population of children.

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