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Little Kitten Insists On Staying Forever With The Family That Saved His Life

Everyone has the right to live, whether they are a wild animal or a small, defenseless kitten. Fortunately, there are plenty of individuals ready to stand up for their rights and take exceptional actions to preserve as many little animals as they can.

One group of people that have a heart full of love and are consistently eager to change lives are the rescuers. A litter of kittens that were abandoned at just one week old were saved by a rescue organization.

Due to their small size, they required care around-the-clock, therefore a group of volunteers looked after them.

A ginger kitten that was smaller than the rest of the litter and battling to survive stood out among the other kittens, drawing the attention of everyone who sought to save them.

After learning about the kitten, a more seasoned rescuer made the decision to take him home and provide him with the specialized care he required.

The savior, Jess, started tube-feeding him, wrapped him in a blanket to keep him warm, and stayed with him for the majority of the day. The kitten started to perk up after several days of living in complete uncertainty and not knowing if she would survive.

Baby Mars turned out to be considerably stronger than anybody had anticipated; after a few days, he started to take syringe feedings. He would soon be eating on his own and be in perfect health.

The primary goal was to strengthen and bolster the little cat so that it might be adopted.

Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a nearby rescue, promised to take care of him and watch over the cat as he traveled to his new home. Member of the neighborhood shelter Celine Crom notes:

“The kitten was cared for by Jess. Every two hours, she fed him, gave him warmth, and showed him love. His life was spared by that.”

Baby Mars was determined to feed on his own, frequently even attempting to reach the food dish, as soon as he started to put on weight and develop strength in his small legs.

His time in the shelter was brief since a volunteer from Chatons Orphelins Montreal offered to take him into their house as a foster child while he looked for a permanent family.

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