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Mother Cat Is So Happy That Her 4 Kittens Won’t Have To Spend Another Day On The Street

Even non-human mothers always want the best for their offspring, as the tale of this stunning cat demonstrates. She goes by the name of Priscilla, and despite surviving the hardest survival challenges on the streets, she is now joyful and appreciative to the woman who saved her and gave her children the chance for a better life.

A few weeks ago, Salem Friends of Felines adopting volunteer Kayla got a notification that a cat and her little litter of four kittens were nearby and had trouble surviving in the face of so many demands.

They were found on the street, and the rescuer added, “I don’t know if their puppies were born outside or not, but I do know that this is not their first litter.”

Although they were discovered in poor condition on the streets when Priscilla was saved, the mother had devoted herself to caring for and feeding her children, who were between three and four days old at the time. The kittens were happy and well-cared for by their mother.

Although the calf was in good condition, the cat did exhibit some stomach issues, but these were not significant.

While the mother did require some medicine, the rest of the family appeared to be in healthy physical and emotional condition.

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