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A Tailless Kitten That Hops Like A Bunny Finds The Home It Longed For

A kitten was born with a defect that caused it to leap like a bunny all the time. He looked much cuter than he already did because of that. Thousands of cat lovers are touched by his story.

Unexpectedly dropping by a household in North Carolina, a cat touched their hearts. The furry girl arrived prepared to investigate every crevice and scrutinize the residents of that house before deciding she wanted to give birth there.

The kitten went into labor before they could comprehend what was going on, and the family had no choice but to assist her. Except for one kitten that was born without a tail, every kitten seemed to be in perfect health.

Manx kittens are known to have a variety of anomalies that distinguish their spines from those of other felines. Some merely had a little stub, but this fuzzy one had no tail whatsoever. They asked for assistance from Sparkle Cat Rescue’s rescuers right away.

One of the shelter’s founders, Stephanie Grantham, started by thoroughly describing everything about Manx kittens. If the infant was to have any chance of surviving, she would require a great deal of additional care and a loving environment.

“Manx kittens have issues with their backs because of their malformed vertebrae. Strengthening the rear legs is crucial for the animal’s growth, according to Stephanie.

The mother cat and her kittens were cared for by the shelter. In a matter of days, they all found homes, but the fuzzy one without a tail was just shunned by everyone.

They made the decision to give him the name Thumper and all the assistance he required. He required strength in his rear legs, so Stephanie taught him how to leap into and out of a box.

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