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Boy Creates Custom Animal Portrait Paintings in Exchange for Food for Shelter

A youngster acquires the virtue of compassion and builds the emotional capacities required to empathize with other living things as they learn to appreciate animals.

They practically learn everything about animals before they can even speak, including their characteristics and noises. They also exhibit an interest in insects and plants, and they nearly always request to have a pet.

Adults must seize this opportunity to encourage children’s respect for and appreciation of nature. We, as adults, are responsible for encouraging kids to pursue their passions and supporting their aspirations.

Fortunately, a lot of kids are able to realize their aspirations with the help of their parents. This is the tale of a little kid who, at the age of just 9, has shown a tremendous deal of regard and admiration for the weakest furry youngsters.

Pavel Abramov, a young artist with skill, had the wonderful idea to combine his passion of art and abandoned animals by exchanging his paintings of pets for supplies for his neighborhood animal shelter.

The young man is from the small Russian city of Arzamas; thankfully, his mother supported him, and as a result, numerous fluffy animals now have access to nutritious meals.

The youngster and his mother Ekaterina Bolshakova began the initiative, which they termed “Kind Brush,” about a year ago.

Pavel started working on this project when he lost his beloved cat, Barsik. While grieving, he realized how much hardship the city’s stray animals were going through, and he was inspired to do something to assist.

He attempted to transform their world and their lives via a tiny gesture, and he most surely succeeded.

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