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Heartbroken Dog Being Separated From Her Puppies Adopts 3 Orphaned Kittens

Esperanza is a very kind dog that decided to adopt some abandoned and homeless kittens as a result of her tragic history.

The devoted mother had a very tough childhood, but after losing her own children, she made the decision to take in a litter of abandoned kittens.

Esperanza is from Playa del Carmen (Mexico) and had already seen the harshest aspects of living on the streets at the age of one.

The hairy one had just given birth, but there was no way to locate her babies when she was rescued by volunteers from the nearby shelter, Coco’s Animal Welfare.

With such a history, the dog’s grief during her early days in the shelter was not surprising to the rescuers.

They attempted to cheer her up and reassure her that things will get better for her moving forward, but they were unable to do so. Her hairy seems to have lost everything.

Three newborn kittens were also received almost simultaneously with the dog, and the relationship that developed between them was surprising for everyone.

Esperanza eventually discovered that the children were the ones who would benefit from all of the mother’s love she carried about with her but had sadly been unable to offer to her own children.

Due to their weakness and their brief gestation, they struggled to advance without a mother to supply them with milk. Because of this, the rescuers chose not to resist when the dog approached them and indicated that it intended to nurse them.

The volunteers made the choice to give the dog and her brand-new pups adequate room to get to know one another and feel at ease.

The hairy one was appreciative of it since what she want most was to care for and feed them as if they were her own children. The new mother’s schedule, which consisted of eating, sleeping, and taking care of the litter, started at that point.

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