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Cat Doesn’t Let Anyone Sit In Her New Favorite Chair

A cat insists on having access to the chair she perceives to be her own at all times so that she can utilize it.

This cute 5-year-old cat enjoys being the center of attention so much that she mistakenly believes any item her owners bring into the house belongs to her.

Yoshitsune is a stunning and tenacious cat that is extremely clear about what she wants, especially when it comes to asserting her ownership of anything.

Yoshitsune always snatches up whatever new possessions they bring home, according to Reina, her human mother.

Yoshitsune considers everything to be a gift. She rushes to open any packages that are delivered to them because she thinks they contain anything she owns.

She enjoys trying new things, but she also has anxiety and impatience, according to Reina.

Yoshitsune has most recently become smitten with a gray and white desk chair that his mother recently purchased for their apartment.

The furnishings immediately captured the cat’s attention, and she immediately wanted to make it known that she should be the only one with access to it.

This amusing cat particularly enjoys reaching her paw through the small opening between the seat and the backrest to lounge on the cushion.

Yoshitsune must share the chair with his father, which is unfortunate for him, and she is not really pleased about it.

He doesn’t realize that the chair he loves so much and brought home is only his property and that he utilizes it.

She has attempted to push her father out of the chair with her paw and by wedgeing her body between his back and the seat to make it as difficult as possible for him to sit.

Since her mother brought her inside, this cute cat has taken over the chair, and Yoshitsune isn’t shy about letting her father know she doesn’t like his sitting down. She acts as though she is using her chair, but she persists until she succeeds in getting him to leave.

These are some amazing photos that Reina posted on social media after she caught some of her favorite pet defending her area.

“The new piece is where I belong. But nevertheless, my dad is continually sitting on it,” Reina captioned the pictures that were released.

Since her mother entered the room with her, she has been the only one using the new chair. She doesn’t think twice about using every trick in the book to keep her father from sitting in her particular seat.

She creates the largest drama if everything else fails. She attempts to feign pity from her mother by showing how annoyed she is by the expression on her face.

Yoshitsune’s objections are always heard by her father, who then allows her to sit in the chair alone. The cat finally succeeds in her mission after claiming “her rights” from the woman, demonstrating that she is the spoilt child of the household.

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