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Cat Travels 19 Kilometers To Reunite With His Old Family Who Abandoned Him

After returning to his former home, a cat had a traumatic history of rejection; his previous owners decided they no longer wanted him and brought him to a shelter. To get back to what he saw as his home and the people who had previously cherished him so deeply, he searched for a way out of the situation.


Unfortunately, when he returned home, his old owners did not nurture him but instead rejected him and brought him back to a shelter. It was not enough for them to simply dump him; they also requested that he be put to death.


Tara Lynn, the director of communications for the Wake County SPCA, said:

They brought him to a shelter and requested that they put him to sleep. Knowing that he traveled all the way home to his family and that was his answer was incredibly devastating.


Thankfully, the shelter personnel refused to comply with the family’s request and immediately got in touch with the SPCA, who welcomed him and gave him the care he required.

They kept an eye on the cat’s welfare and didn’t stop until they were able to place him with a genuine family who would adore him unconditionally.


He had feline immunodeficiency, which is a slow-acting virus comparable to HIV in people. This virus may not cause any evident harm for years until it eventually affects the immune system, therefore treatment was required before placing him up for adoption. A remark from Tara:

He developed an upper respiratory illness in addition to having feline immunodeficiency virus. It took some time for us to treat the infection in him.


Despite the fact that Toby was no longer supported by his family, all of the shelter personnel were eager to look out for his wellbeing, not just by providing for his medical needs but also by treating him with all of their affection.

He was really considerate. They want to give and receive affection, just like a regular lovely cat,” Tara explained.


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