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Cat With Rare Kind Of Dwarfism Is Destined To Stay A Tiny Kitten And Happy Forever

A cute kitten born with a rare disease will always be a fluffy little ball of fur. Although it is hard to believe, the creature will always seem like this owing to the dwarfism it has. Despite its age, it has the appearance of a kitten that is just a few weeks old.

Emily Tomlinson

Along with experience, Emily Tomlinson’s employment at a veterinary clinic in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, has given her the best present of all: her pet.

Munchie, a kitten who had been abandoned by his previous owners, was taken into Emily’s arms despite seeming to be a 4-week-old pussycat.

Emily Tomlinson

According to studies, Munchie has an uncommon kind of dwarfism. The kitten has an uncommon illness called hypoparathyroidism, which inhibits the body from manufacturing parathyroid hormone (the hormone responsible for growth).

Emily Tomlinson

It was a wonder he didn’t have a seizure when we discovered he has hypoparathyroidism after he collapsed on Boxing Day and spent four nights in the hospital receiving intravenous fluid treatment. His calcium levels were 0.52 when the usual range is at least 1.9. Only one other cat, who is not in the UK and has been diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism like our kitten, have we discovered. It’s really odd. said Emily.

Emily Tomlinson

The kitten was 7 months old when it came, but considering his condition, he still seemed to be a newborn and weighed just 1.7 kg. He had clouded eyes as well, which could have contributed to his desertion.

“The adorable cat has clouded eyes due to bilateral corneal edema, but this does not interfere with his regular activities. The veterinarians thought he was 3–4 weeks old, Emily said.

Emily Tomlinson

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