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Couple Quit Their Jobs To Travel The World With Their Beloved Cat

A couple leave their jobs to travel and spend more time with their cat in the middle of the everyday struggle for riches. They have abandoned everything in search of a moment of bliss.

Jessica Johnson

The story centers on Matt and his wife Jessica Johnson, who recognized how brief life is and made the decision to take action. Both made an irrevocable resignation from their positions in order to pursue their dreams of global travel.

One lovely day, Matt and Jessica decided to sell all they owned. His limit was the sky. The funds raised were used to purchase a yacht. Apparently irrational choice made starting in 2008.

Jessica Johnson

Later, after mastering the fundamentals of boat navigation, the pair was prepared to go out on their exciting voyage. So they sailed out in quest of fresh experiences to share.

Matt and Jessica had a typical existence in the American city of Grand Rapids prior to starting their voyage across the oceans. However, they started to feel uneasy since happiness lacked something.

Jessica Johnson

The two were successful professionals in their respective fields. Matt was a manager of automobile sales. Jessica was employed by a nearby insurance provider as a billing expert. Both aspired to realize the supposedly American Dream.

“We have been watching TV on the weekends for far too long without doing anything more useful or pleasurable. This has to change, we recognized,” Matt stated.

Jessica Johnson

They desired to flee in order to avoid joining the group of people who put off achieving their objectives. On that sofa in their living room, they imagined themselves retired and bored in the future.

And it was at that point that their grandiose plan to sail the seven seas started to take shape. An notion that came to fruition on August 12, 2011, the day they cast off on their epic ocean journey.

Jessica Johnson

Matt and Jessica have been to more than 16 nations since that first day. faithful witnesses to the wonders our lovely, blue planet has to offer.

The amateur explorers were content with their maritime paradise, until one day they made the decision to expand their group. a helpful animal companion.

Jessica Johnson

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