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After Losing His Hind Legs, Two Prosthetics Have Made Vito The Happiest Bionic Kitten

Animals with special needs may win anybody over. When people do not receive the chances that are appropriate for their circumstances, it may be quite upsetting to witness. Fortunately, there are angels who risk all to make their lives better and happier.

Italian kitten Vituzzo, who has adorable stripes, was involved in an unforeseen accident in December 2018.

Silvia Gottardi, a basketball player, and her wife Linda Ronzoni are the business’s proprietors. The adorable kitty was struck by a car while they were both moving.

They stopped their vacation as soon as they learned what had happened and went back to be with the young kid. Vituzzo nearly passed away as a result of the injuries, which was so serious.

After several hours of effort, the vets realized that the only way to rescue him was to amputate his two rear legs.

This had a significant influence on his life, but this amiable cat was ready to do his best. After a while, Silvia and Linda started looking at ways they might assist Vituzzo. Leg prosthesis may be rather expensive and need extremely careful surgery.

An operation like this had never been successfully carried out in Italy. Luckily, Vituzzo managed to make history .

He has become the first kitten with two prosthetic legs. At first he had some difficulty learning to walk , jump and explore comfortably.

It was the first successful attempt of this kind in Italy. Fortunately, Vituzzo was able to write history.

He is now the first kitten to have two artificial legs. He first struggled to learn how to walk, leap, and explore comfortably.

Although he is not the same as previously, he nevertheless tries to lie on laptops and act like the other kitties. As was to be anticipated, his tale captivated the entire globe, and as a result, he is now a well-known figure on social media.

Many people think they should give up totally after an accident and such a significant shift, yet nothing could be farther from the truth.

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