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Dog Baffles Caregiver After Abruptly Snatching Newborn Kittens From Her

Many rescued animals are able to live on because of the unending love and care that the various groups provide. While many little creatures are saved, others are given up by their owners for the most absurd reasons you can think of.

Fortunately, the shelter becomes their new temporary home and gives them the chance to meet other little animals dealing with similar issues.

Despite the fact that they have had a difficult past, their caregivers make sure to provide them a loving future. In the meanwhile, it is impossible to not sigh with affection when you see a dog or a cat because of their intimate bond.

This time, we’ll tell you the tale of Mary, a stunning dog who was overcome with emotion when she saw three newborn kittens that were without their mother. At the shelter, there was only one mother cat, but she was quite busy raising her own sizable litter.

Mary was unable to resist and gave the kittens her whole attention, eventually becoming their mother. Because her previous owners did not desire a big dog family, Mary had also been left at the shelter with her own puppies.

The kittens were more than glad to be able to sense the mother instinct, and she is now content and proud to take care of her own offspring.

A recent incident occurred when a caregiver at the shelter was feeding the kittens. However, the overprotective mother couldn’t tolerate that they weren’t in her grasp and delicately started to pull the kittens from the worker’s hands one by one.

They were lovingly tucked in for a snooze by Mary in her kennel. According to a shelter representative:

Every time Mary’s kittens are out of her line of sight, she “actually suffers a panic attack.”

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