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Kitten Responds With A Glare At His Mother Who Is Outside Uninvited

When Kira Pierson adopted Marcus from the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio, three years ago, her life was forever transformed. Since then, they have remained close friends.

Marcus taught Kira what it was like to love and live with an animal because she had never had a pet before. One of the highlights of Kira’s life, in her opinion.

Kira Pierson

“It absolutely altered my life. Before him, I had never owned a pet, but now I adore animals,” Kira remarked.

Marcus is a lively cat that enjoys having a good time, but he can also be very obstinate and only do things that he likes.

Kira Pierson

Marcus has a yard with enough room to safely spend as much time outside as he wants, but that’s never enough for him, and he’s constantly seeking for new ways to do it.

Kira Pierson

In order to appease him and go on those rare walks with him that he so enjoys, his mother purchased him a leash.

When he wants to play, he is quite playful. When he chooses not to, he leaves the room and lies across it,” Kira said.

Recently, Kira did something that her dog enjoyed. She made the decision to repaint her front door but she didn’t invite him.

Kira Pierson

Before I knew he was staring at me, I had been painting outside for approximately ten minutes, Kira remarked.

When Kira noticed Marcus’s head in the window with an expression that was obviously irritated, she couldn’t help but giggle.

Kira Pierson

Marcus gave Kira an aggressive gaze in the hopes that it would make her angry enough to unlock the door and allow him escape, but of course that plan failed.

Before realizing he had better things to do, he stood at the window for nearly three minutes, Kira claimed.

Kira Pierson

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