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She Pays A Ticket For Her Cat To Travel With Her And When She Arrives At Her Destination They Tell Her That She Disappeared

Animal enthusiasts consider their pets to be members of the family, and many of them travel with them. A family in Mexico did that, but they had no idea that after they boarded the plane, they would never see their kitty again.

They discovered the cat had vanished when they got to their location and the Viva staff had not responded to calls or texts from Miel’s concerned relatives.

The kitten’s family members did not think twice to criticize what was posted on social media.

“Friends, please help me share; I need a response from the airline. Today, my daughter flew on a Viva Aerobus flight, and upon arrival in Guadalajara, they misplaced our kitten Miel. I delivered them to the pet reception in their hands and in my hands I want Miel back; the ticket was to take her in a seat; now they don’t even return my calls. I have a broken heart and my daughter is even more upset.

The kitten reportedly escaped at the Guadalajara airport because it was out of its transport box and had vanished, according to a statement from VivaAerobus personnel. Additionally, they stated that they are doing searches and are sorry for what occurred.

However, the small animal’s mistreatment infuriated social media users, who lifted their voices to express their anger and anguish at the airline’s carelessness. The critics didn’t wait and they continued to hold them accountable for what occurred.

“What a careless airline! When you pay for your pet to be transported in safety with a seat ticket and packed in luggage, they may afterwards claim that it is not there. Given how painful it is to lose a pet, I feel sorry for the owner. I hope they locate Miel soon. If anybody sees that adorable cat, please help him by providing him with affection and a place to stay until he can find his owners, urged an empathetic user.

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