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Stray Cat Is So Happy To Find A Wonderful Family Who Helped Her With Her 6 Babies

It may be upsetting and incredibly unpredictable what will happen to animals on the streets. Even worse, since it is a female, she would battle ferociously to protect what she values most because of her mother instinct when she gets pregnant.

In South Los Angeles, a stray cat and her litter of six kittens were discovered. Only two days old at the time, the kittens required foster care.

Wrenn Rescues volunteer Jen Marder came forward and brought them home. And the mother cat pleasantly surprised her by showing her a lot of love right away.

“When I opened the carrier, she pressed up against me and cried out for attention. She was quite chatty and made it clear that she wanted my attention. In my arms, she was purring and cuddling “Jen said.

They built the family a cozy nest where the mother cat could feel secure raising her babies. While her ravenous kittens nursed on her, the beautiful calico started to knead on her new bed.

Every time her adoptive mother entered the room, the calico mother—also known as Cleopatra or Cleo—would plead for affection and attention.

She simply desires a warm lap to curl up on and receive the care and snuggling she was previously unable to receive on the streets, according to her mother.

Jen enters to see the kittens, and Cleo attempts to get her attention by rubbing herself on her. She was a wonderful mother in addition to being kind toward others.

When she hears her kittens screaming, Cleo immediately runs to them and keeps a close eye on them until Jen enters the room and offers to assist her with the children.

Given how little Cleo is, feeding six hungry mouths and causing them to develop as much as the young children have is astonishing.

She is incredibly kind to all of her infants, taking good care of them all without showing any preference to any one in particular.

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